VESTA Mexico

Col. Bosques de las Lomas C.P. 05120 México, D.F.

24,000,000 SF


• Co-founded by SENTRE and Lorenzo Berho in 1998


- Developer, owner and operator of industrial real estate in Mexico


- Early investment from Ned Spieker, GE Capital and CalPERS


- Focus on tenants with investment grade credit in diversi ed industries


- Nestle, Nissan, Bombardier and Chrysler all Top 10 Tenants by GLA


- IPO in 2012 (and follow on rounds) valued at $700M of public equity


- Grown from 100,000 square foot building to 20.8M square foot portfolio


- One of Mexico’s leading industrial real estate developers and operators


- Targeting 36M square foot portfolio by 2020


• 100,000 square foot portfolio grown to 20 MM square feet with a portfolio value of over  $1B.