Shawna James

Director, Operations & Culture

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Shawna James serves as Director of Operations & Culture at SENTRE.  With a background in business management consulting, corporate training and development, and coaching, Shawna James has spent years helping organizations, especially via their most critical asset, personnel, to optimize their resources and achieve the highest possible efficiencies and return.


Shawna began working with SENTRE in 2010 as a consultant to support an ever-growing property management division, focusing on creating and refining business processes as they related to insurance, leasing administration and overall communications. Her background as a business consultant and operations strategist allows her to focus on providing efficiencies, best practices and training materials to further SENTRE’s focus on excellence and greater effectiveness across all divisions.


Shawna is trained as a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming with a focus on effective communication models. Her certifications in Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis by the ABNLP/ABH have assisted in multiple environments including areas of PTSD and addiction. This background has enhanced her ability to support unique personnel challenges that can cross-over and affect healthy work environments.


She gives back to the community by working with victims of violence who are facing the challenges of PTSD as well as working with families affected by addiction. With a passion for giving our youth “real-life” skills and the tools needed to build a life of their dreams, Shawna has partnered with Dream Job University, Youth Employment Program and other organizations to provide career and entrepreneurship training. She speaks at events regarding effective communication, work/life balance, and personal development.