225 Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101 | 346,000 SF


• Acquired with GE Asset Management in 1996 for $25M / $ 70 PSF


• Path of progress location adjacent to West eld’s Horton Plaza (West eld Mall)


• Project 75% leased and su ered from homeless element at base of building


• Transformed public plaza into farmers market and concert venue


• Established annual “Fantasy on Ice” ice rink in plaza as fundraiser for Rady’s Children’s Hospital


• Partnered with Intel, Cisco, Corning to develop the rst Building Optical Network (BON)


• Signed 20 year lease with NBC Digital Studios and re-branded asset as mini “Rockefeller Plaza”


• Signed 15,000 SF lease with SimpleNet / Yahoo (attracted to high speed ber connectivity)


• Sold in 2004 at 95% leased for $96M / $280 PSF