Bandwidth Now

SENTRE believes that a company’s IP address is as important as its street address. We work closely with Bandwidth Now®, a technology firm that designs, deploys and manages Next Gen building networks, to deliver higher quality service to tenants and owners at a fraction of the cost.

In Next Gen buildings, bandwidth is as much a plug-and-play utility as electricity. Bandwidth Now’s patent-pending Building Optical Network (BON) utilizes an infrastructure of optical wires and switches to aggregate bandwidth, making it as easy to use a computer is it is to turn on a lamp. In addition to supplying building-wide connectivity at low cost, the BON provides a platform for integrating and automating building technology, making buildings more “intelligent” and energy-efficient. BON equipment is owned by the building and managed by a third party.

For more information on Bandwidth Now services, please visit

225 Broadway, Suite 2075,
San Diego, CA 92101

Phone: (619) 234-5600